Station Managers

Dan McGinley & Mikey McCusker
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As Station Managers, in addition to keeping LSRadio running smoothly, Dan and Mikey deal with the admin side of the station with the help of Vlad, making sure everything stays up to scratch. They’re LSRadio’s first port of call for general queries, as well as ensuring our team of student DJs are trained and happy!

Station Secretary

Vlad Ionete

As Station Secretary, Vlad keeps on top of LSRadio’s paperwork, keeping our internal communication tip top and the station running smoothly. He keeps our finances on track and is a generally all-round organised human ready to handle your enquiries.

Programming Manager / Deputy Programming Manager

Amelia Thomas-Wilson & Jessica Hawkins
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Amelia and Jess organise the LSRadio schedule. If you’re looking to start a show and need to find a slot, drop Amelia an email! Our programming team also take on the responsibility of training all of LSRadio’s new members, sit in on shows, and provide studio support for all our DJs.

Head of Broadcast News / Head of Online News

From blog posts, to the weekly news show, our News Team keeps us up to date with all the UoL goings on. Fancy working in journalism or news reading? Then join the LSRadio News Team and help cover all the important news on campus!

Head of Music

Reuben Smith Burrell

Reuben is the first point of contact on our Music Team. The Music Team is in charge of the station playlist, gig reviews, our what’s on previews, and much more. They edit LSRadio’s Music Blog, now more successful than ever.

Deputy Head of Music

Chris Cannell


Chris has a similar job to Reuben, aiding in the running of LSRadio’s successful music section!

Music Submissions Editor

Alex is in charge of curating the LSRadio playlist. If you tune in after Guild hours (post 10pm) you’ll hear a diverse selection of tunes, so if you’re looking to send us your music to have a listen of, Alex is your guy!

Head of Arts & Culture / Deputy Head of Arts & Culture


Jacky Adcock & Molly Moe
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Leading our Arts & Culture team, Jacky and Molly coordinate and edit our Arts & Culture blog. A former Capital of Culture, Liverpool has so much for our newest team to get its teeth stuck into.

Head of Interviews / Deputy Head of Interviews

Grace Dutch & Catherine Burns
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From the latest bands, to politicians, to insta-famous pugs, the LSRadio Interviews Team organises our broadcast, blog, and Mixcloud interview content.

Marketing – Design

Emma Jones

Emma is our resident Photoshop queen! See that fancy little logo we’ve got going on? Emma’s the master creator of it. She creates awesome advertising to distribute around Liverpool, keeping continuity and spreading the LSRadio brand all over campus.

Marketing – Events

Jessica Fleming

Jess is our events extraordinaire! Her job is to coordinate the organisation of LSRadio’s events – from SRA networking events to socials. Got an idea or space we could use? Ping Jess a line!

Marketing – Social Media

Beth Jones

It’s Beth’s job to spend her life on LSRadio’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages, keeping them up to date with lots of lovely pics and advertising our shows. Got a picture from an LSRadio event? Snapped a pic of Lenny around campus? Send it over to Beth to get featured!

 Marketing – YouTube Coordinators

Charlie Stewart & Ellie Roffey
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Charlie and Ellie are in charge of our newly reinstated YouTube channel! You’ll find them coordinating and editing videos that span all areas – music, arts, news, politics – everything. They’re always looking for enthusiastic people to join all areas of the YouTube team, so be sure to get in touch!

LSRadio Mascot and Resident DJ


Christened Lennon, Lenny is LSRadio’s newest team member! When he’s not at Fresher’s Fair, playing with the Guild Officers, or attending a fancy event, you’ll find him hanging out in the studio keeping our presenters company. Unfortunately, you can’t email Lenny, but you can keep up to date with all his antics by following him on Twitter @LSRadioLenny.