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Spotlight On… UoL Beekeeping Society

University of Liverpool Beekeeping Society

We all love bees, not to mention they’re an essential part of our ecosystem, as opposed to just being that buzzing thing near the window, sending people into fits of mass hysteria. But as we found out on Wednesday night (1st February 2017) during the launch of LSRadio’s Society Spotlight programme, there’s a whole lot more to them than meets the eye.

For example, did you know that the Queen Bee isn’t actually the boss around the hive? And that the real leaders are in fact the female worker bees – girl power! I don’t know about you, but after being in the studio for the Beekeeping Society’s two hour broadcast on Wednesday night, I can confidently say that I feel a whole lot more educated on bees.

So for this edition of ‘Spotlight On…’, we sat down with the 2016/17 committee of the Beekeeping Society, to ask them what their roles are and what makes their society so unique at Liverpool Guild of Students – and it’s safe to say that they are DEFINITELY massive bee fanatics! Their committee is made up of:

  • Charlie Devlin – President
  • Sophie McGhie – Secretary
  • James Walsh – Treasurer
  • Saoirse Cowan – Director of Communications
  • Lauren Noblet – Social Secretary

Who are the University of Liverpool Beekeeping Society? What kind of things does your society undertake/focus on?

The society came together as a result of the beekeeping programme already run by Green Guild, the Guild’s environmental impact team. It was the brainchild of Charlie (the current president) and Lavinia (who has unfortunately run away with some posh bees from London!) with the aims of bringing together people who are interested in bees and beekeeping to form a group that can socialise, share information of bees, spread awareness of the amazing creatures, and campaign for their conservation.

So what things have you been up to recently? 

Only a year and a half in, we’re already a strong society which is showing no signs of stopping. Recently we’ve been focused on fundraising for our upcoming event the ‘Bee Summit’ in which we hope to educate people about how important bees are to our environment and prove to them that bees really are worth saving. To do this we’ve had a screening of the ‘Bee Movie’ and played bee-related games and we have more events coming up such as a bee crocheting session!

What plans have you got in future?

Starting late-March/April time, we’ll be starting up our weekly hive inspections too so if you’ve ever wanted to find out what 10,000 bees looks like, there’s your chance. Anyone is welcome to come along and there’s absolutely no experience required, most of us had never worn a bee suit before we joined.

Why should students join the University of Liverpool Beekeeping Society?

People should join our society because it’s really important to show people the importance of bees; you can really make a difference by telling just a few people how amazing bees really are and the news travels fast! On top of that, we’re super cool, we have great socials, we’re drowning in bee puns, and you might even learn a thing or two by coming along and chatting to us!

The University of Liverpool Beekeeping Society is only small, but they pride themselves on being natural beekeepers, taking on such an important cause in the conservation of bees. And from speaking with the society, you can tell right off the bat that they are extremely passionate about what they do, and that they deeply care about the hives they look after in the Guild roof gardens.

Perhaps bees can be a human’s best friend!

You can join the University of Liverpool Beekeeping Society for a membership fee of £3 – via Liverpool Guild of Students. Make sure you also join their social media outlets, and get yourself involved with their great cause!

Mikey McCusker
Mikey McCusker
Co-Station Manager

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