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No Homers Club: Isla Nublar // Friday 9 October

An artistic endeavour reaching gigantic proportions – Isla Nublar successfully assimilated the audience into an immersive aesthetic experience that would have the nostalgic sweat running down your neck.constellations

Photo Credit: @chicknetworking

The inventive exhibition curators No Homers Club are notorious for their blend of art, spectacle and popular culture. Having created a Simpsons themed exhibition, they were back to their old tricks marking a triumphant return last weekend with Isla Nublaran exhibition inspired and designed around the fantasy setting of Jurassic Park. Hosted at popular alternative haunt Constellations in the Baltic Triangle Isla Nublar provided you a guilt-free indulgence in childhood fantasy. The launch event certainly set the prehistoric scene and I was to be involved in an island experience like no other.

On entering Constellations I was confronted by the looming gates of Jurassic Park – custom made for Constellations and initiating the night as one scarily accurate in detailing both the novel and film franchise. A Feeding Hole was adorned by the contraption used in the infamous dinosaur feeding scene that held the ill-fated cow and you were free to explore the various artistic enclosures – all whilst clasping a jellied shot on a shaky spoon. After grabbing a ‘Badlands’ beer – custom designed with a Jurassic print, I was approached by a park ranger carrying a baby dinosaur in a box; its shrieks a transportation to my 13-year-old self’s nightmares.


Photo Credit: @Craft_Beers

Over 25 artists exhibited work inspired by Jurassic Park and provided a visual treat for the island experience. Amongst the impressive collection of artwork exhibited was the intricate dinosaur drawings of Katie Craven, Mainframe – an eerie animated film played on a VHS television by Laura Sparks and George Maund, and my personal favourite piece Jeff at His Best; a fine line pen drawing of the amazing Jeff Goldblum by Laura Marsh.

Live performance erupted throughout the night, with Quad Collective providing a hilarious harmonica tribute to the Jurassic Park Theme Song – their pink polo’s pimping up park ranger chic. Jurassic Park super fans Silent Sleep added an alt-folk twist to John Williams infamous score and Manchester cult band Sex Hands rounded off the night with their alternative Friends inspired tributes.

Organ Freeman unleashed their high energy frenzy onto the audience. However, a piercing alarm added somewhat confusion to the night, cutting Organ Freeman short as a dinosaur had escaped its enclosure. You had to see to believe as a park ranger dragged a gigantic dinosaur through the venue and outside, only to be confronted by a tyrannosaurus rex! With a soundscape that would have the whole of the Baltic Triangle trembling – the roars of a dinosaur fight catapulting through the streets, it was a truly surreal experience and one that took the immersive artistic encounter to whole new levels. A lifeless male lay in the street, whilst all of us watched in glee the unfolding drama that involved flares, fights and lights.


Photo Credit: @Lynn_Gallaghe

The hairs of both Jurassic Park enthusiasts and cult fans stood on end as our childhood fears, dreams and adventures were played out before our very eyes. No Homers Club created an installation, based on popular culture that all could appreciate. They managed to pull off a realistic dino-contest without CGI effects but good old performance and spectacle, all staged on the streets off Liverpool. With rumours of a Back to the Future do-over, one can only imagine what the ingenious No Homers Club will unleash.


Katie Tysoe
LS Radio's Arts and Culture Editor. Studying an MA in Arts, Aesthetics and Cultural Institutions. Big-time 80's enthusiast. @katiemarietysoe

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