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Liverpool Guild Of Students Beer Festival Review

The Guild Beer Festival took place last week from Wednesday 22nd October to Sunday 25th October. The event showcased a great selection of great beers, ales, and ciders – a lot from the Merseyside region itself. It was a great opportunity to try some new drinks and wasn’t too expensive either at £3 for a pint and £1.50 for a half. The bar staff were also very generous in letting you have a taster of a particular drink so you could be sure to enjoy your full pint choice. The event did seem to be slightly misadvertised with some posters giving different dates and others stating that a £5 entry was needed when it wasn’t at all. Also, although dubbed as a “festival”, the event was literally just having some different drinks at the guild without much else – much like one of the beer “festivals” that Wetherspoon’s put on. However, these were only some very minor faults in a very enjoyable evening. The event was well organised, allowed people to try different ales, and more importantly celebrated the region by providing drinks from local brewers. I’m sure the Guild Beer Festival will be welcomed again next time.

Words: Will Hughes

Katie Tysoe
LS Radio's Arts and Culture Editor. Studying an MA in Arts, Aesthetics and Cultural Institutions. Big-time 80's enthusiast. @katiemarietysoe

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