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What’s On: The Theatre // December

The Lantern Theatre

New Dickensian // 10th December only

Dean Johnson’s musical New Dickensian takes us back a few years, questioning if Cameron’s government has taken us back to the Dickensian era when foodbanks and homelessness were rife, similarly to today. The show tells the story of a stockbroker, Ethan Shrewd, and his single parent junior partner Rob Cadgit, who is desperately trying to bring up his teenage self-harming daughter alone. The play explores the darker elements of life through song and dance, “revealing the economic chasm and emotional void that cuts a swathe through today’s society.”

Get tickets and more info here.

The Bastard Queen and Not The Horse // 19th December only

These two plays come as a pair, one straight from winning the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014, and the second from it’s run at this year’s festival.

The Bastard Queen is a dark comedy set in a post-apocalyptic world and follows the last four people on earth. Four survivors are forced to team up for survival, facing themselves, each other, and the events that take place. Witty and touching, the play covers everything from starvation to intimacy, as it’s characters get closer and closer to the end of the world.

Not the Horse documents the life of Tony, a 20-year-old Scouser who’s found himself in £250k worth of debt to a gangster after an illegal horse race. Tony can only find one solution, throwing himself into a chaotic mess of accidental horse tranquillisers, accidental robbery and even some horse semen.

Get tickets for both here.

The Playhouse // The Haunting of Hill House // Monday 7th Dec – Saturday 16th Jan

“Not even their darkest dreams could have prepared them for what awaits…”

If you prefer Christmas chill over Christmas cheer, then this one’s for you. We follow three strangers as they are invited to join Dr Montague in his creepy house on the hill. The visitors are plagued by a series of disturbing events that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. This isn’t one for the faint hearted – the novel became Shirley Jackson’s 1963 film The Haunting, and is now brought to life on stage at The Playhouse by Anthony Neilson.

Get tickets here.

  • Correction (2 Dec 2015):  this article previously stated that The Haunting of Hill House was being performed at the Everyman theatre.  This was incorrect and the play is in fact being performed at the Everyman’s sister theatre, the Playhouse.
Marisa Dervish

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