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Andrew Fekete: Out Of Time @ Victoria Gallery // Homotopia 2016

Andrew Fekete: Out of Time is the latest instalment to the Homotopia event and it features structured, dream-like and haunting paintings of Andrew Fekete, a former University of Liverpool architecture student. This exhibition ties-in with the release of Quest for Gold, a collection of writings of Andrew Fekete himself, published by the Liverpool University Press.

With formative deadlines coming up and summative looming in the corner, Out of Time seems to be relevant with the students. Except, Fekete’s works are not in any way related to education in itself. The exhibition comprised of his paintings dating back from his formative years in Liverpool to his final unfinished work.

As an architecture student, it’s evident in how structured his paintings usually are, especially during his early university days. But, progressing down towards his paintings and sketches, it can be observed how it starts to lose its structure, spiralling down towards his mental turmoil.

Fekete’s fascination with ancient mythology reflected onto his paintings, especially towards the end of his life. Being that faces can be seen in his paintings were comparable to ancient ruins and temples, it was almost like trying to find faces hidden in the paintings, and it was intriguing.

My personal favourite is The Valleys Are Filled Up simply due to his play on colours which triggers feelings of content in the viewer. Colours are definitely Fekete’s tool in invoking emotional reaction towards the paintings and sketches that he produced, with earthy tones resembling death and anxiety whilst a burst of exciting colours resembled hope and paradise.

Out of Mind could be a euphemism as his works seems to be rushed. Like he knows he’s running out of time and he’s trying to convey his dreams and visions through his paintings as much as possible but with so little time. Britain in the 1980s could be a nightmarish place to be as a young gay man, what with the confusion and uncertainty surrounding the taboo topic of AIDS, Fekete’s work could be observed to be a result of all this internal conflict and turmoil.


Photo Credit: Liverpool University Press

I was seated to listen to Jonathan Blake, Dr. Alan Greaves and Rev. Donald Reeves, as part of In Memoriam – Andrew Fekete, talk about the issues surrounding homosexuality and especially homophobia in this time and age. It was a revelation to listen to their stories of dealing with hate, discrimination and ultimately, getting out of that while also encouraging the audience to spread hope and positivity in these dark times. Following this, after a short comedic interlude by Will Smith (not Men In Black Will Smith), the audience were enchanted by Josh Tonks and Matt Colyer’s performance in the dramatization of a scene in Quest for Gold as they nailed it with capturing the audience’s attention with their eloquent movements in such an encapsulating performance.

Andrew Fekete: Out of Time is the perfect way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of male homosexuality in England and Wales in 2017 as part of Homotopia.

Don’t miss it! Andrew Fekete: Out of Time running from 18th of November 2016 all through 22nd of April 2017 at the Victoria Museum & Gallery.

Photo Credit: Liverpool University Press

Mikey McCusker
Nikie Azlli
Arts & Culture Team

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