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Spotlight On… Liverpool Marrow Society

In another exciting instalment of Society Spotlight last week (22nd February), we were joined by the new and improved Liverpool Marrow Society, who broadcasted live for 2 hours on LSRadio. The society’s beginnings are very humble indeed, and they campaign for a very important cause at the University of Liverpool, in conjunction with their parent charity organisation. I sat down with their committee, to discuss their society and to understand the importance of campaigning for stem cell research.

Who are Liverpool Marrow Society?

Marrow is a student run branch of the charity Anthony Nolan. Anthony Nolan organise stem cell transplants for people with blood disorders and blood cancers like Leukaemia. Marrow help by running recruitment drives across campus from halls to the university gym, they make sure students are within spitting distance of joining the stem cell register! Marrow also help to raise funds to help support Anthony Nolan’s vital work. Marrow hold fantastic range of fundraising events, including bake sales, bucket shakes, balls and more.

What cause(s) does the society focus on?

Marrow began in 1998 when James Kustow, a student at The University of Nottingham, was having dinner with some friends when he received a call from his mother. A childhood friend of his, Karen, had been diagnosed with leukaemia and needed a bone marrow transplant to survive. Banding together with his friends, James organised a hugely successful recruitment event on campus to try and get more people to join the Anthony Nolan register. James and his fellow volunteers decided to put together a team to run regular events and raise awareness for years to come. They called it Marrow. Sadly, Karen relapsed after her transplant and passed away four months later – but her legacy lives on in the Marrow groups which were set up to help her and many more people like her.

What notable things have you been up to lately?

There was a Liverpool Marrow before but sadly it folded so it is only very recently that we have got the society up and running again. In the last few weeks we attended the Refresher’s Fayre, held a training event and held a recruitment event where we managed to sign 25 students on to the stem cell register! We look forward to holding more events in the near future!

Why should students join Liverpool Marrow Society?

Volunteering with Marrow means you can really make a difference to the lives of people with blood cancer. Anthony Nolan offer a huge range of training opportunities to develop a variety of skills – from counselling potential donors, creating publicity campaigns, and organising fundraising events. Training is really important; as Anthony Nolan want Marrow volunteers to feel confident in their roles! You can give as much time as you want, with some of our volunteers helping for a couple of hours a month, whilst others are keen to be in thick of it and want to part of the Marrow committee. There are over 50 marrow groups at universities accross the UK. Anthony are keen to make sure we can keep in touch with another and organise regional and national AGMS which are a lot of fun!

If you would like to get involved or are keen to find out a bit more, please get in touch:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/liverpoolmarrow/?fref=ts

Or email Liverpool Marrow Society – moc.l1558316584iamg@1558316584loopr1558316584evilw1558316584orram1558316584

Photo Credit: Liverpool Marrow Society

Mikey McCusker
Mikey McCusker
Co-Station Manager

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