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Bastille// Stanley Theatre- Liverpool Guild of Students/ 12.10.12
Bastille’s sold out FLAWS gig at the Liverpool Guild of Students was one of the most impressive performances I have witnessed in a long time. Having had a huge surge of attention in the past few months, Bastille could easily deliver a half-arsed performance and blame it on exhaustion, disorientation or a simple ‘we’re famous now, and can’t be f****d.’ So many artists seem to portray an un/intentional arrogance during their performances after a wave of new found fame, but Dan Smith (Bastille’s founder and lead singer) is a thousand per cent not one of them.

 The band’s synth-pop sound was created flawlessly through a mix of catchy bass riffs, drum beats and digital tones, especially during Bad Blood, when the instruments on stage were just as tight as on the recorded version of the track. This musical talent was matched, if not surpassed by the vocals and Dan’s utter enthusiasm in the whole performance. Between the cheers of the (surprisingly young) fans and Bastille’s genuine appreciation for the reception there was a whole host of great tunes. A personal highlight was the performance of Overjoyed, where a tamer atmosphere filled the room and the audience could better appreciate the melancholic lyrics and lulling vibes of the track. At times, the music did seem a little repetitive but this was naturally diverted with a rendition of What Would You Do, a City High cover found on Bastille’s Other People’s Heartbreak EP that everyone couldn’t help but sing along to.

*If you haven’t heard Other People’s Heartbreak yet we recommend you give it a listen!

The gig, apart from being great fun, confirmed why Bastille have been getting so much attention recently; their music is fresh and their passion is evident in everything from their live performances to their videos and their artwork. They’re consistent, original…and have really great hair.

The new single- Flaws– is out on the 21st October and if you want to hear an exclusive personal interview with the band check out the LSRadio interviews tab over the week!
/By Hannah Colson
This article was uploaded by the LSRadio web team.


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