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Passion Pit// Manchester Academy/ 17.11.12

Photo Credit: Last fm

Passion Pit were good. For tickets that were priced at £13.50, everyone at the gig definitely got their money’s worth; and then some. Those who did show up were a strange mix of people. The venue was by no means packed to the rafters and there were good views of the stage all round, this may have been to some degree why the crowd acted in the manner they did. I’m by no means not a fan of the mosh pit, I’ve seen and been involved in my fair share, but there is a time for a mosh pit; the tracks ‘Constant Conversations’ and ‘It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy’ are not that time. Despite this, the band were in fine form and seemed to react well to a crowd momentarily possessed with an in-depth knowledge of irony.

Eventually the crowd did calm down, albeit after being told by frontman Michael Angelakos in the aftermath of the song ‘It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy’ that it was “the first time I’ve seen a mosh pit to that song”. They rattled through the next number of songs at a relentless pace, seeming to alternate between their two albums ‘Manners’ and ‘Gossamer’. As Nate, the drummer, had told me before “our fans need to trust that the band will play our best songs” and I heeded his words. While there were some absences that I would have loved to have heard such as ‘Make Light’ or ‘Hideaway’, there was a surprise inclusion in the form of ‘Live to Tell the Tale’ off their debut EP Chunk of Change, which I hadn’t seen coming. That and ‘Love is Greed’ were arguably the highlights of the night, the band seemed to be at their tightest during ‘Love is Greed’ and were at their expansive best when performing the live version of ‘Live to Tell the Tale’. Honestly, you wouldn’t have been able to tell it was the same song were it not for the unmistakable chorus.

If I was to judge the reaction of the crowd the most pleased they seemed was during ‘Sleepyhead’, not my personal favourite, but a great song nonetheless. You could substitute it for ‘Little Secrets’ which was the final song of the night, put either at the end of the gig and the crowd will be happy. Sadly, I was required to listen to ‘Little Secrets’ from the back of the auditorium due to the constraints placed upon me by the gig being in Manchester and me going to University in Liverpool, hence writing this review for LSRadio. From what I saw and heard, some music was played and a man with a tie on paced back and forth across the stage repeatedly. He then claimed it was the “best crowd they’d had in Britain so far”. He was probably lying. He can’t fool me. But all in all, I’d give Passion Pit a 675.34 out of 100 with a purple star for effort.

/Tom Edwards

Editor’s note- If you enjoyed this, expect a full audio interview with Passion Pit’s drummer Nate soon!

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