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LSRadio meets XXXY// Release

Clear the way for Release, Liverpool’s latest ‘strictly Garage and House’ club night. The newcomer of Liverpool club nights managed to secure Manchester born Rupert Taylor; known as XXXY to headline for the launch on Tuesday 16th March. Release also introduced the sounds of talented young, budding producer TJPN, real name Tom, to many grateful ears. It was a night to remember and XXXY seemed to agree: “Release will go far! Tuesday nights will be a big thing in Liverpool.”

 Shy and humble of his talents, Rupert’s warming smile and friendly persona makes his music that much more enjoyable. The very well spoken Manchester lad has been on this earth for 29 years and some of those years have allowed him to create mind blowing tracks for our ears. It hasn’t always been tune after tune for Rupert; he also possesses talents in the field of law, which he doesn’t seem too happy about! Rupert’s life is music; and with productions such as ‘Got Me So’ is there any wonder why? LSRadio had the privilege of talking to XXXY and found he has a very busy year ahead of him!


 Hi Rupert let’s clear this up now, as many people get confused. Your stage name is it linked in any way with XXYYXX?

No, there’s no link or even any reason for me being called XXXY.

So how long have you been doing music for and how old are you?

I’m 29 and I’ve been doing music since I was 13, but this kind of music since I was 22.

You don’t look 29!

Ha thanks. Yeah I started making really bad drum and bass and I made a couple of garagey, dubstep tunes a couple of years later that came out on vinyl. I thought I could do something good and realised I wasn’t good enough to make music, so took a back seat for two years. I then started making other tunes and realised people liked them so yeah.

You said that you took a back seat, what were you doing instead of music in those two years away from it.

I was working in law firms? I was doing property law, social law, like family stuff, which was depressing. It was local government stuff, really badly paid and long hours, so I wouldn’t want to go back to it.

What’s the process of making your music usually involve?

Well I have a studio in London, Hackney wick. I get the train there every day, kind of like having a normal job but I can leave when I want. I go to the studio from Tuesday-Friday and try and make tunes. If I’m not doing that I’m on tour or at home. It usually takes me like 3 months to make one tune, a tune that I like, I make a lot but for a decent one it’s about that long.

What influenced you into making music then?

Going out in Manchester as a kid, I went to places like Electric Chair, Tribal Sessions, Smiths club nights. I’d just go out listening to music and had a great time; I guess it’s affected me massively.

Tell us about the set you played tonight, there were a few mixes of RnB samples. You dropped Ciara  ‘Goodies’, which went down well.

Yeah well the RnB stuff is always going to be around and so are the influences of RnB on dance music; people aren’t always going be 100% into what you’re doing but if you give them little bits they know then they get into it.

What’s in store this year for you?

Well I’m playing in Russia next week, Japan the week after, America next month and then I’ve got Dimensions festival lined up as well.

Wow busy man. Japan sounds exciting; do you know what your following is like over there?

No I’m playing for Red Bull Music Academy, I have no idea what it’s going to be like but my friend who’s from Manchester lives in Japan and he was really surprised, he said I had loads of fans there and it was really strange. Yeah so hopefully it’ll be cool, I don’t really know what to expect.

In the UK are there any festivals you’ll be playing or want to play?

I’d quite like to do Beacons again and Glastonbury would be cool. It’s still quite early for festival bookings, if you’re not like a massive band they’re like ‘oh we’ve got a bit of money for dance acts we’ll see who’s around.’ I’m not quite as big as most dance acts so we’ll see.

Well you’re lined up to play at Dimensions festival, so they obviously think differently. Whose sets will you be making sure you catch whilst you’re out there?

Well the Three Chairs, they are the legends of Detroit house music, also Rick Wilhite. I met Rick Wilhite the other day and he’s a massive inspiration for me. we sat there talking about internet stuff, that was a bit strange.                       

Aw that does sound nice, so have you ever met anybody you’re inspired by and been let down by them as a person?

No not really they say never meet your idols but I’ve been fine, nobody I’ve met has been a complete kind of you know (mimes a word). I have met some people who I’ve not had any respect for, or like musically I’m not a fan of, who have been that kind of person but who knows? I might have caught them on an ‘off’ day.

Do you have many ‘off’ days yourself?

Yeah I do. I’m a pretty grumpy person anyway. Playing in foreign countries I probably seem grumpy I don’t really try to have a conversation with people cause of the language barrier, I just sit in the corner and yeah I let my music do the talking for me. Oh god that sounds really cheesy!

Haha yes it does, well to be fair you did that tonight. How did you find playing the launch of Release? You are the first act to play for the new night in Liverpool.

I really enjoyed myself, the crowd were great. They have a really good thing going on, I’ve played for some of the guys before and they are a really good crewand knowwhat they’re doing. Release will go far! Tuesday nights in Liverpool will be a big thing.

/Jyoti Pancholi

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