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Melé and Slick Don// Interview

For all you Pause lovers, it’s safe to say Monday  15th April was a very special night. Pause has arguably been one of the best underground nights to come to Liverpool. The 4th Pause event rewarded its goers with a steal of a line up; securing Oxide and Neutrino, Subline and my personal favourites, who tore down the sold out shipping forecast hold: Melé  and Slick Don.  Slick Don took to the mic with his unique MC voice whilst Melé brought the bass. There is undeniably a beautiful bromance going on, they’re ones to watch in the UK underground music scene. Here’s what the two lads had to say to LSRadio:

Hi guys, So Slick Don you are Melé’s official MC. How long have you been working together?

Slick Don: I think it’s been about one year and a half.

And separately how long have you been in music for?

Slick Don: Melé’s been producing since he was about 14

Melé: Like 7 years I’d say and you’ve been doing music for around the same (Looking at Slick Don).

How did you two meet?

Melé: On a Track. We were doing a tune together.

Slick Don: Yeah haha the internet. We did a tune and from there we just started working together and did a few shows. They went well and from that we thought let’s just link up and do it properly man.

How old are you both?

Slick Don : 21 and Melé’s just turned 21.

Melé, you’re from Liverpool, so how was the crowd tonight?

Yeah, this is the 6th time I’ve played here and it seems to be getting better every time.

Growing up in Liverpool how do you find the night life has evolved?

When I was growing up it was kind of just Chibuku and that was it. I would just go there every week, but now we have Andy’s night (Abandon Silence) and Pause and more stuff like it. Honestly, the nights keep getting better in Liverpool.

What would you say your favourite night has been to play in Liverpool?

Slick Don: To be honest I’ve only done Liverpool twice with you and Chibuku was mine.

Melé: Yeah, I like Chibuku but Andy’s my boy and I’d say his nights. I’m always going to support him.

Slick Don you are from Birmingham, my hometown also.

Slick Don: Birmingham (plays up to the Infamous Brummie accent) Yes, Hi- 5. 0121.

Haha 0121…do one. Where did you go on nights out in Birmingham when growing up?

Slick Don: Haha yes. I didn’t really go out much you know. I never went raving or anything. I started performing when I was 16 so I still got to go to those kinds of nights.

What are both of your favourite tracks at the minute?

Melé: ‘Hackney Parrot’ by Tessela

Slick Don: Ah what’s mine? (looking at Melé) Ah you know what probably ‘Rags’ by Dub Phizix.

What track are you guys not bored of listening to yet?

Melé: Probably that Daniel Beddingfield tune, ‘Gotta Get Thru This’ or ‘True’ by Jamieson.

Who are your influences at the moment?

Melé: They seem to change all the time, but musically at the moment I think Shy FX, Champion, Dub Phizix… anything that’s not house.

Slick Don: Haha #HOUSE. For me people that I’ve been listening to since when I was younger, people like D double E, Skepta. I don’t really have any other inspirations in terms of MCing.

What’s in store for you both this year?

Melé: Just every festival

Slick Don: Ibiza also

Slick Don: Can I just say Mele’s got his Metal Gear free single that should be out on Digital Soundboy so cop that.

/ Jyoti Pancholi

This article was uploaded by the LSRadio web team.

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