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Inkarta #1: Shigeto, Dauwd and Jacques Malchance// The Kazimier/ 30.1.14

Liverpool adds yet another addition to a nascent underground electronic scene; but where most nights are pure hedonism (nothing wrong with that like, we all love a bit of it right?) Inkarta steps into the fray with a key difference, it throws a little dash of art and AV to the proceedings, thanks in part to the involvement of LSRadio alumni and the folks behind Fiesta Bombarda. Needless to say excitement is an understatement before the show.

Jacques Malchance enters to an already packed room for his one-off ‘arpeologie’ set, a behemoth of a compendium, full of avante-electronica assembled just for tonight. Bizarrely, and may I say excellently, he manages to capture that feeling only normally encountered in a dirty warehouse at the weekend and bring it to a Thursday night. Brilliant at the time, not so much in lectures the next day, but who’s going to complain, really?

 In a swoop worthy of his Ghostly International position, Shigeto sneaks on for what transpires to be his first Liverpool  gig. The mood in the room changes palpably, as everyone limbers up for a full on percussive assault (check out this video and you’ll see what I mean). Instead of going in entirely for the textbook, man-hunched over-synth tropes but not fully going for the cringe posturing some producers go for, he exists tantalising grey-area. Despite a slow start, Shigeto finally cuts through the headphone-oriented, downbeat fug as his set see-saws; a little bit of Bass here, a little bit of rappity-rap style Hip-Hop there and all blended up with a dash of jazz.  

Just as former Liverpool Uni student Dauwd prepares to take the stage, the tension building throughout Shigeto’s onstage tenure breaks at the perfect time. Word of mouth hype, built up long before his much-loved slot supporting Bonobo at the O2 a few months back, the excitement in the room for his return is tangible. Drawing on the ideas, aesthetics and textures from the full spectrum of dance, but always rooted in that catch-all Bass category. No matter how genius they are, many producers never entirely successfully take to the decks – but take to them Dauwd does superbly. Dropping everything at just the right point, holding back as and when was right and releasing as he pleased. His excellent live performance complements his trademark tense atmospherics and tricksy beats, resulting in an intense and memorable night.

/ Laurie Cheeseman

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