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Ásgeir// EVAC/ 9.4.14

 A sense of foreboding looms over much of Ásgeir’s set tonight. Not the overbearing darkness that comes part-and-parcel of so much Nordic non-pop music, but more a sense of feeling something sweet will soon be lost. Boy does Ásgeir know how to make an entrance, opting to remain black-lit silhouettes, letting the music provide the imagery.


 Well, it would have to be the music; it is doubtful many people in the audience have much of a grasp on the bands native Icelandic vocals. Still, the floating beauty in Ásgeir’s voice, paired with that most oxymoronic of sounds – folksy electronic – evokes the cool, short summer nights of his homeland. The wistful yearning clearly present in the lyrics exudes, overcoming the language barrier. And the mellow sections, well, mellow-er sections, allow the spacey arps space to breathe and snake around the room before crashing down.

 It is all so beautiful sounding, but it would benefit so much from being in a venue with more character than EVAC’s loft – it’s a great venue, don’t get me wrong, but for music like this it just doesn’t quite gel. Somewhere outside on a warm evening would be perfect; the Kaz gardens in the coming months essentially. Anywhere without those blasted blue lights. Maybe they’re trying to evoke their native night sky, but it is majorly off-putting to watch. This is especially true on tracks like the rural post-bass music of ‘Ocean’, something that needs no effort to sound any icier.

/Laurie Cheeseman

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