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Live shows return after the Summer break


Peace @ The Kazimier, 16.01.15
Image Credit: Luke Halls

Image Credit: Luke Halls

“An enchanting, exhilarating and euphoric gig from start to finish,  evidence shows that crowds will continue to bask in the glory of Peace for a long time to come.”

Following the huge success of their debut album ‘In Love’, indie rockers Peace ignited their Happy People tour at Liverpool’s well-loved Kazimier on Thursday night. When the tickets sold out in a matter of seconds however, the band obligingly decided to add another date, which of course sold out just as quick. Would such high expectation unnerve what is still a relatively young band?… Probably not, considering their live performances have been as critically lauded as their recorded material.

As soon as the opening chords of ‘Bloodshake’ – distinctly confident chords, for the record – blasted through the room, the crowd took no time in bouncing off one another and making sure this was not going to be a quiet night. Devoting half of the set to the familiarity of ‘In Love’ the crowd were loving every moment and it didn’t even take till halfway through for somebody to be on another crowd member’s shoulders; quite an achievement in a venue of that proximity. No matter where you were standing, there was no chance of missing out on adrenaline-fuelled action. The atmosphere of the gig felt tantamount to one of their many festival performances over summer, and even the introduction of future releases set the fans into an infatuated furore of screaming lyrics, and just general screaming. Material new and old was received and adored in equal measure.

Bringing their 70’s influences into the spotlight, their second single ‘Lost on Me’ from forthcoming album ‘Happy People’ had everybody in the room jamming away, even the typically reserved crowd members. To follow, Koisser brought out the slick vocals of ‘Money’ to have the intriguing lyrics yet again echoed back to him. As an appreciation to those fans from the early days, Peace transitioned through their set from their first EP ‘Delicious’ to the fresh sounds of ‘Happy People’ making sure that every song was a pleasant surprise for their dedicated followers.

With a capacity of less than 500 it was only right that the band dived right into the intimacy of the gig. During their ferocious encore, Koisser did just that.  Throwing himself into the worshipping palms of the crowd whilst maintaining his rocker persona and impressively continuing to play the bridge of ‘California Daze’,  fellow bandmates kept the vocals alive and mirrored the euphoria that swarmed the venue. Inevitably, the whole crowd wanted to follow in the footsteps of Koisser, and by the opening chords of ‘World Pleasure’ numerous bodies were surfing towards the stage which was eventually flooded with both band and fans alike. The complete opposite could be said for security as they tried their best to pull fans from the stage but Peace were loving every moment of it and made sure their fans continued to enjoy the night. The band didn’t even want to finish playing, by the looks of it they could have stood up there all night and created whatever musical jam they wanted. An enchanting, exhilarating and euphoric gig from start to finish,  evidence shows that crowds will continue to bask in the glory of Peace for a long time to come.

Words: Helen Rabbitt




Helen Rabbitt

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