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The Wave Pictures @ The Kazimier, 11.02.15
Image Credit: Artist's Facebook

Image Credit: Artist’s Facebook

The Kazimier has seen a great opening to 2015 with a plethora of memorable shows under its belt. Taking a well-deserved break from riled up teens and students, the venue became host to The Wave Pictures, Sugarmen and A Lovely War, taking its foot off the acceleration for an evening of music appreciation, with a smaller crowd taking to the floor.

A Lovely War took to the stage first, enticing the audience with their charming, keyboard-based electronic pop. With “A Lovely War EP” tucked tidily away, it’s safe to say these chaps have a bright future ahead of them, an attractive addition to the Liverpool pop troupe. Latest single “Autumn Leaves Us Blue” had heads bopping and toes tapping, a solid introduction of exciting things to come.

Sugarmen swiftly followed, collars raised, hair slicked back and amplifiers overdriven. Their appearance perfectly reflects the influences behind the music – punk forged through exposure to the kings of the genre, The Clash and The Velvet Underground coming straight to mind (a cover of Lou Reed’s “Hanging Around” not out of place in the slightest). Sonically, the band are straight-forward and raw, pop sensibilities thrown into the mix in a particularly energetic and captivating show; the bite of a Les Paul and the chime of a Telecaster going hand in hand. Unfortunately, time restricted, they come to a crashing conclusion on “This Is My Life (And It’s Alright)”, guitars lifted victoriously. With dates lined up opening for Paul Weller and Sleaford Mods in March, they have an extended platform to show the UK what they’ve got – and what they’ve got isn’t bad at all.

Touring veterans The Wave Pictures were greeted by justifiable clapping and whooping upon taking to the stage. What struck me by their stage setup was how minimalistic it was – singer/guitarist Tattersall armed with what looked like a bedroom practice amp and two guitars, nothing more. Effects pedals make no appearance whatsoever, but that is in the beauty of The Wave Pictures’ live show. Tattersall is an undeniably one with his instrument, quite unlike anything you see today. His style harkens back to what your dad would call “real music”, Tattersall scaling his guitar’s neck Clapton-like, fingers in a fury. His dynamic control is superb, working in unison with his guitar across a variety of genres – “The Woods” offering Cream-like rock n’ roll, “Spaghetti” coming straight out of a 60s Western.

Promoting their eighth album “Great Big Flamingo Flaming Moon”, tonight proves that the band are more than prepared for their three month European tour. Whilst eyes were more often than not on Tattersall, it goes without saying that Helm (drums and vocals) and Rozycki (bass) were also on form, building a foundation for the simplistic, yet powerful wall of sound. The Wave Pictures are extensively touring the UK throughout February, and it would be an absolute shame if you missed them.

Words: Luke Halls

Luke Halls


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