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The Wombats: Glitterbug

The Wombats

8 years on from A Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation, The Wombats return to their indie-disco swing with the sparkling creativity of Glitterbug. This album confines itself to no modern cliches as the Liverpudlian three-piece enchant us with the familiar kookiness and rhythm that made us fall in love with this band in the first place. Inspired by frontman Matt Murphy’s relationship strains, Glitterbug documents the turmoil of love in The Wombat’s familiar vague narrative, accompanied with the madness of metaphor.

Brightness gleams from the opening track ‘Emoticons’ with its disco-esque intro, whilst its lyrics cause dispute as opening line ‘It’s tough to stay objective, baby/With your tongue abseiling down my neck’ reflect the band’s transition and maturity after their four year break. However, ‘This Is Not A Party’, ‘Pink Lemonade’ and ‘Give Me A Try‘ resemble the familiar indie-disco angst that The Wombats made their debut with. The comeback single ‘Greek Tragedy’ bounces the life back into the bug as ‘smashing mics in karaoke bars’ shows their regular fidgety rebellion and brings the right amount of ecstasy to smash you right in the face.

The darkness is supplied through the melody of ‘Isabel’ where Murphy lays his heart on his sleeve and injects some personal soul into the track, but then kicks the album back into life with following song ‘The English Summer’, which bursts open with youthfulness and will make the perfect summer festival soundtrack this year.

Deluxe tracks on the album are the contrasting ‘Sex And Question Marks’ and ‘Flowerball’, providing an enthusiastic resolution to the album’s narrative, though unable to prevent exposing their weaknesses in not making the final standard edition. Overall, Glitterbug brings The Wombats into a new dimension whilst maintaining their flashbacks to being the cheeky adolescents that their music thrived off. Upcoming singles from this album will be hits no matter what and it is definitely one to be added to the playlist for those nearing summer days.

Helen Rabbitt

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