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Live shows return after the Summer break


Blossoms @ O2 Academy Liverpool, 25.03.16
Image Credit: Blossoms Facebook

Image Credit: Blossoms Facebook

Good Friday and the room was buzzing with a rowdy and ecstatic crowd, all in anticipation for five Manchester lads to swan onto stage. This crowd was going to make this Bank Holiday one to remember, for each other and for Blossoms. Deafening chants of the infamous ‘Manchester Na, Na, Na’ tore through the crowd showing that the rivalry between cities was lay to rest for the unity of music. In true showmanship style, the band bounced onto stage to the soundtrack of Kanye West’s Black Skinhead on par with the rockstar entrance of Kasabian’s Sergio Pizzorno. Blossoms are here for one night only and they are not leaving without tearing the roof off the O2 Academy and showing what a party is truly like.

Knowing that every member of the crowd is a loyal Blossomer, the Mancunians start the night with the mysterious Cut Me and I’ll Bleed taken from their 2015 EP of the same title. The influential 80s instrumentals had the crowds’ hips swaying and the catchy, silk lyrics rolled off the tongue proving that these fans are in for a night of succulent sweetness. With 2016 being an incredible start for the band with their newest EP release, At Most a Kiss pushing Adele off the chart top spot (for a couple of hours but we get it, it’s Adele. A minute beating Adele is boast worthy.) The reaction to the lads’ latest single At Most of Kiss from the crowd was that of a band which had years of album discographies. The infectious, twinkling instrumentals had the crowd giving their best vocal renditions which was fully appreciated by frontman, Tom Ogden and bassist, Charlie Salt who could not hold back the unstoppable grins on their faces.

Watching the crowd create their stormy mosh pits and making the night their own, Blossoms continued to build the euphoric atmosphere as they sunk back the cans of Stella whilst gifting the fans with some new tracks which will feature on their debut album, recorded in the local surroundings of Parr St Studios. Continued positive chants rippled through the crowd as they got up, close and personal with the new sounds so Ogden and his troop notched up the frenzy once more when they performed their Live Lounge cover of WSTRN’s In2. The band put their own indie twist on the contemporary hip-hop hit with Ogden smoothing his slick Stockport tone, drummer Donovan merging with the cool sounds of keyboardist Kellock proving that this band have a lot brewing in the pipelines and their sound is not to be confined.

The encore was bound to be an absolute treat as the crowd screamed for the lads to bounce back onto stage and let them revel in the band’s triumph. The sound of the glossy Charlemagne caressed the crowd creating the instant roar from the fans and adding another catchy chorus to the line-up. There was only one way to finalise this set and that was for the brooding bassline of Blow to ooze out and confirm that this party was going out with a bang. The five lads gave it their everything, making the concrete impression that they are only just starting their pathway to conquering the future of music. These five best friends from Stockport have blossomed graciously into the indie music scene and it is only in the near future that they will be planting the harmonious seed for the future sounds of 2017.

Helen Rabbitt

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