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Red Bull Music Academy presents Future Sounds of Hip-Hop with Krept & Konan, Rejjie Snow, Loyle Carner, Suicideyear and Siobhan Bell @ 24 Kitchen Street (07/10/16)

As Part of the Red Bull Music Academy Tour, Future Sounds of Hip-Hop presented some of the most talented Hip-hop artists and DJs within the UK. In a small venue with minimal décor internally, the stage was set for the artists to shine and express their talents. Siobhan Bell and a host of other DJs successfully entertained the crowd with a DJ set which created a vibrant atmosphere in the venue, setting the stage and environment perfectly for the rappers followed. Playing the most popular songs from both the UK and American rap scene, the DJs showcased their broad and thorough knowledge of the booming underground Hip-Hop/Rap scene.

Loyle Carner was the first rapper to step on the stage. His latest release ‘No C.D’ was certainly a crowd-pleaser, and clearly showed his versatility, creativity, and rhythmic skill. Along with the popular single, he also performed a section of his personal song ‘Ain’t Nothing Changed’ in acapella, which directly made those in the crowd appreciate his intimate lyrics and talent.

Following the release of D.R.U.G.S on the 21st of September 2016, the anticipation to see a live performance of the exciting new release from Rejjie Snow. The Dublin-based rapper warmed the crowd by playing the soulful song ‘Loveleen’ and continued to work his way through his popular Hip-Hop EP ‘Rejovich’. The crowd, in particular avid Rejjie Snow fans, were particularly interested to see if Loyle Carner would return to the stage to combine lyrical forces to perform the song ‘1992’ as both artists were present at the venue. Dreams were fulfilled as Loyle Carner crept back on stage, much to the crowd’s excitement, injecting an indescribable energy back in to the venue. The rappers clearly enjoyed performing together and the crowd were certainly having a good time during the special performance.

Krept & Konan were the last to step on the stage, and following the performances of Rejjie Snow and Loyle Carner; the crowd had high expectations for the South-London duo. Having held an informative talk and Q&A session earlier in the day at the Constellations, the crowd were ready to see live why exactly makes the rappers so popular not only in the UK, but also globally. When you need an example of how important chemistry on stage is for a duo on stage, look no further than Krept & Konan for the perfect example. The rappers stepped on the stage and gave an emphatic performance with every track radiating energy in to the crowd. The most impressive part of the performance was their eagerness and enjoyment of the occasion – they enjoyed performing just as much as the crowd enjoyed watching them. This was evident as the duo joined the ‘mosh pits’ for their chart-topping hit ‘Don’t Waste My Time’, concluding the RBMA ‘Future Sounds of Hip-Hop’ night on an unbelievable high. The duo were efficient with their time on stage but certainly gave an incredible and unforgettable performance.

Kuda Mushangi


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