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We Are Scientists and Beverly @ Arts Club, Liverpool (20/10/16)

We Are Scientists are an indie rock band who are based in New York city. The band formed in 2000 and have been producing music, touring the world and playing countless gigs ever since. The band last visited Liverpool in 2010, making this a hugely anticipated show for them, as well as for us. I was buzzing when I found out that the venue for this gig was the Arts Club, based on Liverpool’s Seel Street. Arts Club is an extremely valuable part of Liverpool’s ‘vibrant and creative culture’ and it is also a favourable venue of mine, that in my opinion preserves a relaxed but upbeat atmosphere.

Due to a fashionably late arrival, the support band, Beverly, had already taken the stage. There were people dispersed throughout the venue; some standing on the steps, others taking up their place on the front row, a couple of groups chatting and the majority queuing at the bars. Beverly still managed to grab the attention of most people – with the lead band member in fact being a girl regrettably isn’t generally a trend in our modern music society. The duo, accompanied understandably by session musicians, played a top supporting act. Their unique, yet classic sound reserved excitement in the room. I found myself occasionally being reminded of the work of indie legend Blondie, with the band successfully executing an alternative modern twist.

After a short interval, full of stage preparation for the main act, the venue remained dark. A blue cat projection stood in the background, accompanied by limited blue spotlights. Hello by Lionel Richie began playing through the sound system as We Are Scientists emerged from backstage. There was so much energy – lots of jumping and waving, which really animated the crowd. The pair showed great enthusiasm as they welcomed the crowd and opened the show with Impatience. The crowd came together immediately, showing their support, with some even attempting to interact with the band. Quite often, this interaction became conversation due to the nature of the venue. The beauty of the Arts Club is that due to the size and layout, you are often left feeling as though you have been to a VIP, intimate gig. Murray and Cain have huge personalities and I admire the fact that they weren’t at all afraid to show them to their fans. With a couple of breaks containing jokes and general entertaining discussion, the band continued with hits such as Chic-lit, Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt and I Don’t Bite.

Personal highlights include the performance of Textbook and the band’s encore. Textbook was particularly special, as Keith left the stage and took to the crowd. He waded through the masses whilst continuing to sing and relate with the fans. It was clear that he is truly loved by fans as so many touched, held and danced with their hero (and to be honest, you could tell he loved it). His own sociability, trust and appreciation for the fans of Liverpool was obvious, which really does casts a sense of pride. The positive stage presence was seen continuously throughout the event and I think that their devotion was understood particularly in this song performance. After finishing with The Great Escape, the audience wanted more and immediately tested their luck with the possibility of an encore. With little hesitation, they were straight back out on stage. The encore consisted of 4 additional songs, which elated the crowd. The pair showed the same energy, if not more, keeping the crowd energised until the very last moment.

We Are Scientists played an amazing show, in such an appropriate venue. I hope that they enjoyed being back in Liverpool as much as we enjoyed having them.


Photo credit: http://epigram.org.uk/music/2016/05/an-interview-with-we-are-scientists

Olivia Mannix


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