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What’s next on the road to becoming President?

If you haven’t already heard, Donald Trump is on the road to becoming the 45th President of the United States. After winning the key swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania Trump came out on top, gaining more than the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win. But the question now is, what’s next?

Trump will be sworn in as President on Inauguration Day which has been announced as the 20th January 2017. From now until then the current President Barack Obama has the chance to complete his presidential term whilst Trump can start to prepare for Presidency by beginning to name his chief of staff, secretaries of state, attorney general and national security team. When the 20th January comes around Trump, along with his Vice President Mike Pence, will be sworn in at noon and his first term as President will begin.

After the election results earlier today, talk soon turned to policy. A few issues have been prominent throughout Trump’s campaign. Immigration has been a big discussion point. Who could forget the infamous wall between the US and Mexico that Trump has said he wants to build? The actual possibility of this wall being built is another discussion entirely.

Healthcare is also going to see a big change. The plan is to replace Obamacare, the healthcare reform act which aimed to improve health insurance coverage, with Health Savings Accounts. The Second Amendment has also been strongly defended and Trump wants to uphold the right to bear Arms.

These are obviously only a few drops in a huge lake of policies which have been circulating Trump’s campaign for the past year or so. His victory has sent shockwaves around the world and we can only wait and see what plan is laid out for his first term in office.


Feature Image: Getty Images Photograph: Jeff Kowalsky/AFP/Getty Images

Laura Copestake
Laura Copestake is a student at the University of Liverpool.


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