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CABBAGE @ The Magnet, Liverpool (4/11/16)

Last Friday night I found myself in the deep dark depths of everyone’s favourite underground venue, The Magnet, for what is best described as a night of mosh pits, carnage and madness – or in other words a CABBAGE gig. A recurring support act for Stockport’s Blossoms, a slot on Courteeners’ Old Trafford gig in May, and with 3 EPs under their belt it is clear that this Manchester-based band have been making waves in the music scene through their unique sound and vulgar lyrics.

Local bands FUSS and Psycho Comedy supported them, each adding their own style to the night. Chilled out and dreamy group FUSS brought heavily instrumental-based songs and a perfect mix between vocals, synth and guitar creating a sound that can only be described as folky, psychedelic dream pop (personal standout song: ‘Mother Nature’). Psycho Comedy showed up with heavy and catchy guitar riffs, erratic stage presence and the ambition to prove that there can never be too many guitars on stage at one given time (personal standout song: ‘I’m Numb’).

At around 10pm, out of nowhere, appeared CABBAGE. As cheers erupt, the opening riffs to one of the most popular songs ‘Uber Capitalist Death Tirade’ take hold and the crowd surged forward. From that moment onwards the crowd never stopped moving. There are stage invasions, shirts being ripped off and entanglements of microphone cords, all in all making it a truly eventful and ecstatic night. Frontman Lee Broadbent left the stage during most of the songs to sing directly into the crowd, only fuelling them to dance harder than before. Each song was a hit whether it was the slower rocky ‘Fickle’ or fast paced ‘Indispensable Pencil’. Yet it was ‘Dinner Lady’, a song about guitarist Joe Martin’s time working at a school’s kitchen, which is one of the highlights of the night for Joe’s strong stage presence, the heavy guitars and the crowd’s ability to sing every word in unison. It was only fitting that the band played ‘Free Steven Avery (Wrong America)’, which related to the President-elect of USA Donald Trump, as their closing song. This ended the night with a political message as the entire venue screams the words ‘There’s something about politics in America’.


Photo Credit: https://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/article/we-need-to-talk-about-cabbage

Jess Fleming


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