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Seramic – Supporting Jack Garratt @ Liverpool Guild Of Students 12/11/16

Earlier this year Marcus Foster announced that he was taking a break from his solo work to focus on a new project called Seramic. I have been a fan of his music ever since the release of his first solo album back in 2011 but I never got the chance to see him live. So I’ll admit, I initially didn’t know what to expect when I was on my way to see his new band for the first time. It’s a strange feeling when you’ve listened to someone in one capacity for such a long time to suddenly hear them in an entirely new light. But after Seramic’s set finished it was safe to say I wasn’t disappointed.

As soon as they walked onto the stage, it was clear that they were going to warm up all the people in the room. They played each song so smoothly and as the set progressed the crowd became more and more responsive and soon enough everybody around me was swaying and dancing to the music. But who can blame them, songs such as Waiting and The Things You Do had such infectious tones and gospel like vocals you just found yourself naturally moving along.

But the song that stuck in my mind the most, and has been on repeat ever since the gig, was Found. Here Marcus Foster’s vocals shone, and combined with the backing vocals, the band filled the whole room with such a vibrant and powerful sound.

I imagine it can be quite a difficult task supporting someone such as Jack Garratt, who is one of the biggest new names in music. But Seramic did it with ease. They brought so much life and soul to their set and were easily one of the best support acts I have seen in a while. I can’t wait for the band to come back to Liverpool and show us more of what they’ve got.

Image Credit: Seramic Facebook Page

Laura Copestake
Laura Copestake is a student at the University of Liverpool.


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