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Interview: Beach Baby


‘We’ll just keep doing it for as long as it makes sense to do it… nothing big, nothing small, write some songs and see what happens.’

Between the space age wood paneling, fuchsia hue’s and round corners, entering Studio 2 had me half expecting to see Madmen’s Don Draper sipping on an old fashioned in the corner; That’s where I managed to catch Beach Baby.

Lighthearted and humble, within moments the four had me feeling as one of their own. Lawrence and Ollie, are the band’s two frontmen, alongside Joshua on the drums and new bassist Kit. Currently on the tail end of their tour the band have had something of a whirlwind of a year, with a tour previous to this one in Spring, playing Reading/Leeds over summer, and the recent release of their new album Limousine.’ 

Reminiscing over the year Joshua regaled their first festival experience; ‘We had a fun time at Reading, but… we made an error; we did a cover of a song, by a comedian that we all really like, that no one really knows apart from 2000 people on Facebook, and we couldn’t play Limousine. We basically blew it, we basically blew Limousine for this cover that nobody knew about.’ 

Ollie interjected, ‘It kind of feels like a rite of passage though!’

‘Yeah it was fun, we did a good job of the cover, but we didn’t get to play Limousine, so we got a slight slap on the wrist, but I’m very glad we did do it, that comedian’s gone on to show us a lot of love and I feel really good about it.’

 ‘We all just walked up and he opened the door for us, and we were just like (Eyes popping out of our heads). Oh my God!’

Speaking on a chance encounter with Eric Clapton while touring, you can hear how the guys take nothing for granted; ‘We all just walked up and he opened the door for us, and we were just like, Oh my God!’. Just a small reflection from this ever so exciting moment of their recent success.

Make no mistake however, no mountain is too tall for Beach Baby, asking what festival or show they most have their eye on was met with a resounding, ‘Glastonbury!’ from Joshua’ and suggestions such as California’s Monterey Jazz Festival and Pukkelpop of Belgium.

Up next for Beach Baby is a return to the studio. ‘Kit’s only just joined our band quite recently and we’re keen to start writing things with him.’ Equally as excited Kit explains, ‘It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, and with rehearsals and shows we haven’t really had the time.’

Beach Baby’s album, Limousine, is available on Spotify and Apple Music, keep an ear out for these four, things will surely only get bigger.

If you want to hear more from the interview, although annoyingly accompanied by a pesky soundcheck, you can listen here:


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