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Interview: Theme Park

Last week our very own Jessica Fleming went down to Studio 2 to interview the wonderful lads from Theme Park just hours before they hit the stage in grace of their 2016 Winter tour.

The lads gave us an insight into the history of the band and how self exploration and appreciation of music as a whole has influenced them since the release of their first album back in 2011. With single releases including ‘You Are Real’, and ‘L.A (Is Stealing My Friends)’ as teasers for their second album, it’s clear how their influences have changed over the years, Oscar revealed that he’s came to appreciate a more diverse range of music explaining “I think when you start making music and you realise how difficult it is to put decent sounding songs together you really appreciate all kinds of music”.

Miles goes on to compliment this comment by adding; “When theme park started like the things we listened to like LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Talking Heads, Arcade Fire- that’s like where it was born. But now it’s just like Oscar said, it’s so diverse and the more we’re getting into learning about songwriting the more I start listening to more and more things to learn lessons all round.”

The band also revealed how the name Theme Park came to surface, their old bass player and his girlfriend had been to Argentina where there was, as Marcus so elegantly describes it, a ‘massive animatronic gigantic Jesus’ statue to which he came home to propose the idea of ‘Jesus Theme Park’ for the name of the band, although they decided just theme park would best fit, and it sort of stuck. Going on to joke about naming the new album ‘Theme Tunes’… Theme Tunes by Theme Park… has a nice little ring to it don’t you think?

Jokes aside, the band discussed who their dream collaborations would be, they revealed they’d like to do more stuff with female singers such as Swedish singer, songwriter and model, Lykke Li – a collaboration they majority of us at LSRadio would pay good money to see!

we’ve been busy, doing lots of bits and bobs, not exclusively theme park music, working with other people and writing, but now we’re kind of got it locked down like a plan for this next year. – Marcus

With Liverpool being no3 out of 4 of their December tour, the boys spoke about how they’ve found it so far as Marucs puts it; “It’s our first sort of outing for more than a one off show for quite a while so it’s nice to be hanging out and just doing the shows and playing in front of people again.”

To which Miles adds; “We’ve been writing and recording for so long, and you’re a musician when you’re doing that but you’re less of a band. And it was like when you go to one of those sci-fi films and there’s an old dinosaur and someone pokes it and it comes to life. Maybe like that dragon in the hobbit- it suddenly opens its eyes and is like ‘oh the band of theme park’.”

It’s no secret that the band has been teasing us recently with the possibility of a new album, revealing that it’s ‘fully written and recorded’ they only missing component is some killer artwork, nonetheless they’ve also revealed it should be out in May 2017!

You can now download Theme Park’s new single L.A (Is Stealing My Friends) now via iTunes, or stream it on Spotify or for contact and tour info you can visit their website HERE.






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