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Comedy Central Live Presents COMEDY CLUB (2nd February 2017) // @ The Cellar Liverpool Guild of Students

On a windy Thursday night, I headed down to The Cellar at the Liverpool Guild of Students to catch the Comedy Club, a production of Off the Kerb and Comedy Central Live to bring students laughs and a good time. And like the tagline said, sublime stand-up for students”.

If you’ve never been to The Cellar, you’d probably be as shocked as I was, it was a neat little basement space fitted for roughly 400 people. The way the seating arrangements were set out made it to be a rather intimate interaction between the audience and the performer on stage. I cleverly chose the third row for reasons I will share with you now.

The show started with a bang as Michael Legge waltzed in to stir the audience up in preparation for the two upcoming acts. He acts as the inbetweener and does a brilliant job at it. So, my advice, don’t (or do!) sit on the front row – because THEY. WILL. PICK. ON. YOU. And there’s really nowhere to run because once the first act has got their eye on you, the later acts would also pick on you too. So, if you’re up for that attention, sit at the front for them to pick on. It was a great environment, Michael did a number on the front row whilst also dishing out some classic one liners, the kind that might offend you if you’re easily triggered. Nevertheless, it was all in good fun.

Kelly Convey from Chatham makes her way to the stage. She’s stunningly beautiful in person, before turning into a chav as she was back in Chatham. Now, she’s a real kicker. The audience related to her the most with her wit and relatable dating experiences with apps like Tinder. Again, brilliant engagement between the audience and her. There aren’t many fresh and new female comedians that can stir an audience like she did in The Cellar. Seeing that this is the start of 2017, Kelly Convey is one comedian that is definitely not to be missed this year.

After Kelly, Michael gave a short intermission before continuing the show with Marlon Davis. He is bigger than life but his voice, er, not so much. He walks in with swag and a tough guy look, but as soon as he opens his mouth, the crowd fell into laughter at his high-pitched and squeaky voice. Nevertheless, his comedic brilliance lays on his comedy and not his voice. He was energetic, bouncing all over the place, expressive and towards the end of the show, very down to earth in discussing his near-death experience (comically, of course) before wishing the crowd the best and part ways for the night.

Click here to read my exclusive LSRadio interview with Marlon!

The show and the comedians are fast paced, they hit you with their gags and then move on to another. So, if you’re not paying attention, though I’d have a hard time imagining that you wouldn’t, you’ll completely miss the joke altogether. With only thirty minutes for each comedian, it was honestly too short for me to thoroughly enjoy their comedy but honestly, it’s definitely better than nothing and since there are new comedians every week, it is definitely worth checking them out.

The rather large turnout translates to the fact that students love good comedy and needed something to get away from the university workload (even though it’s only the first week of the new semester!). As it is running all through February, it’s definitely a good way for students to blow off some steam. I definitely recommend this.

Don’t miss it! Comedy Club is running every Thursday of February 2017 until the 23rd at 8 pm at The Cellar – you get a drink with every ticket!

Photo Credit: Liverpool Guild of Students

Mikey McCusker
Nikie Azlli
Arts & Culture Team


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