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Live shows return after the Christmas break


Two Door Cinema Club @ LGOS (2/2/17)

January 2013, a young Helen Rabbitt ventures to Manchester Apollo to see Two Door Cinema Club’s Beacon brought to life. Not so much to plan when British attitude to snow strikes and half the set is a distant fantasy. Four years later, and it was in my utmost determination to scoop up the jackpot of the Gameshow taking place in Mountford Hall. The Irish indie band created an unforgettable atmosphere on Tuesday night, that similar to an overflowing festival stage. Trimble, Halliday and Baird were making sure to bring the essence of summer to a forlorn February crowd. Venue filled from front to back, top to bottom it was time to get this fortune wheel spinning.

Undoubtedly the nostalgia was thrown at full force when the anthems of Tourist History provided the opening to this mesmorising set. Undercover Martyn followed by the catchy Do You Want It All? had fans in positively heart pounding hysteria. It was made quite clear that this band know how to sweeten the crowd up before enrolling into the delicacy of the newly released third studio album, Gameshow. Lyrics are commonly known to be the universal speakers of the heart and soul but the relation of ‘Save me, I’ve been drinking wine’ to my weekly consumption is not something I ever imagined to be developed into a crowd pleasing, shoulder bopping single. Two Door Cinema Club did just that and the live performance only emphasised its greatness.

Photo Credit: Tomas Adam

Success has not eroded the minds of this band but has instead made them even more grateful of their fans and exemplifies their love for the music. That being said, success has clearly brought them a fortunate input for stage production…let’s just say the lights are alright on the night. Backdrops projecting colourful animations made this night an extravaganza. The colours highlighted the enthusiastic performance from the band, fully confirmed in the illuminating performance of I Can Talk. Without a question, this fan favourite was going to be welcomed with open arms but the crowd’s energy was kinetic in bouncing from front to back.

Photo Credit: Tomas Adam

(Questionable) pints thrown and jackets thrown high in the air, it was necessary to remind yourself that you were at a midweek gig and not in a festival frenzy. The crowd made this night their own and Two Door Cinema Club used this atmospheric craze as a catalyst for the encore. Typical WE WANT MORE echoed through the hall and before there was chance to exhale a breath the lads were back on stage with winning force.

Photo Credit: Tomas Adam

The encore was a blessing to the Beacon and Tourist History Days with Someday bringing the beacon of hope back for 2013 Rabbitt. Finally, the pulses were racing and the voices were roaring, the distinguishable What You Know instrumentals kicked in and the crowd thrived into euphoria. The electrifying favourite was the cherry on top for both the Liverpool crowd and Two Door Cinema Club, stunned was an understatement.
The band acknowledged the ‘tropical’ conditions, the sweat was dripping from the walls and fans had to purchase merchandise to contemplate any sense of the definition of fresh. If that’s not a sign of an unforgettable night then I don’t know what is!

Featured Photo Credit: Kitty Riddell

Helen Rabbitt

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