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Live shows return after the Summer break


Hidden Charms w/ The Bay Rays & Bribes @ The Magnet (8/2/17)

Wednesday the 8th of February was a nippy night in Liverpool, but beneath the streets in The Magnet, Hidden Charms supported by The Bay Rays and Bribes put on a rampant night of heavy guitar riffs and raw rock vibes. The night began with a set from local band, Bribes who echoed Royal Blood’s impressive, heavy guitars and metallic-pitched Wolfmother vocals. A set of ferocious, bold and rough tracks. Overall giving the crowd a warm Scouse welcome, preparing us for Hidden Charm’s touring support band, The Bay Rays.

The Bay Rays // Photo Credit: Tom Adam

After a chaotic tangle of cables and instrument and band member changes, the 3-piece emerged dressed as though they were from entirely different bands. Despite this, the first note they struck together established that they were practised and full of energy which injected The Magnet with a vibrant atmosphere. The Bay Rays seemed somewhat disjointed as a band together but what was most striking about them was that the prodigal front-man’s vocals were strikingly similar to those of Kings of Leon. The lucid vocals together with a mix of dreamy and vibrant instrumentals, particularly when they played Aphelion ramping up the increasingly full venue and simultaneously promoting their range of musical capabilities as a band, Satisfaction standing out as their best song.

The Bay Rays // Photo Credit: Tom Adam

Through another cluttered change-over, the anticipation of the full crowd was finally relieved when the rag-tag 5-piece, headliners, Hidden Charms came on and dived straight in. Instantly the crowd were encouraged to move closer, meaning I was just inches from the band as I was thrown about in each chorus by the seemingly large collection of fans, a mixture of teenagers who sang every verse and middle-aged men excitedly shouting “Go on my son” in each momentary gap.

Hidden Charms // Photo Credit: Tom Adam

Although Hidden Charms have stirred up some significant interest and following recently through Spotify streams, their showmanship and quirky stage presence made their records sound even better than through earphones. Long Way Down and Harder From Here were notably impressive live, compared to the recording, because of the connection made with the crowd through the soothing country-style to these tracks made as birthday boy Ranald ventured through the crowd as he played the harmonica.

Hidden Charms // Photo Credit: Tom Adam

Hidden Charms are a band that are certainly one to look out for. A distinctive sound of rough vocals, complex guitar riffs, heady bass and percussion in their final song I Just Wanna Be Left Alone. By the end of the gig, the first 3 rows of the crowd were on the stage jumped and dancing with band, myself being amongst the madness. Hidden Charms’ set was lively, ragged and really proved to The Magnet why they are a band to look out for.

Featured Photo Credit: Tom Adam

Molly Moe

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