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AMiR – Coffee House Session 28/11/17

On Tuesday, I got the chance to interview up-coming rock-funk singer AMiR about his new single, ‘All Or Nothing’ as part of the Coffee House Sessions! He has been touring the country and finally came to Liverpool towards the end of his travels.

During his performance, AMiR sang his new single and few other songs, including my favourite ‘Drown Me In Your Lust’ and was well-received by the crowd. In the interview, I asked him how he would describe his music to people who hadn’t heard it before and he replied ‘funk and R&B-influenced pop’. AMiR’s funky musical style is inspired by the king of pop music himself, Michael Jackson, as he listened to him all the time when he was growing up and even says ‘he is the biggest musical influence in my life.’

I asked him how he found performing in Liverpool and he said he ‘really enjoyed performing here’ and it was the ‘best performance so far on his tour’! He said he was excited to go and explore later… Especially the bars! He said the highlight of his tour is just to perform and play his songs and continue doing what he loves.

If he could pick one place in the whole world to perform, it would be Wembley Stadium as he would love that many people at once to hear his music. He also has a personal connection with it as he used to live in Wembley!

AMiR said he couldn’t remember a time when he wasn’t singing or playing an instrument… He told me his favourite instrument is the drums which he has played since he was eight years old!

We chatted about his previous releases and when I asked him which of his songs was his favourite, he couldn’t decide! After much deliberation, he settled for ‘Feel for You’ which has ‘MJ vibes’ and was inspired by a past relationship. AMiR revealed he is working on a new cover, alongside new music and hopes to do more covers in the future, putting his funky spin on them.

We laughed about ‘I’m A Celebrity; Get Me Out of Here’ which AMiR confessed he watches as his guilty pleasure! He’s rooting for Dennis Wise to become King of the Jungle this year as Dennis comes from AMiR’s hometown! He revealed he had actually seen Dennis in a local pub back home but was too nervous to go up and say hello! AMiR seemed very in touch with his roots and some of his past songs have been inspired by his background. For example, his new single, ‘All Or Nothing,’ was surprisingly inspired by a night out in London which is centred around thoughts from his hometown. His music is influenced by situations he deals with in his life, which is clear to see in his songs.

When I asked what luxury items he would bring if he were to go on ‘I’m A Celebrity’, he said ‘booze’ and ‘bottles of Jack’ which I thought was very sensible if you are to survive in the jungle!

As the celebrities daily routines change completely when they’re in the jungle, I asked AMiR what his usual daily routine is when he’s not on tour. He said he goes to the gym and boxes to ‘stay out of trouble’!

AMiR lives by the motto ‘do what you want but don’t hurt anyone’, which I think is excellent advice and very logical! He was such a lovely, down-to-earth person and made me feel completely at ease as soon as we sat down. With his brilliant personality and fantastic tunes to match, AMiR will go far in his career. Watch this space!

You can listen to his music on Spotify and on Apple Music now! To listen to the interview with AMiR click play below.

Ellie Beecham


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