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GeeJay – Coffee House Session 27/2/18

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to chat with up-and-coming jazz-soul duo, GeeJay, as they tour the UK as part of the Coffee House Sessions! We chatted about everything from EPs to their last meal on Earth in an interesting episode of ‘Game of Lasts’.

‘GeeJay’ is made up of Gina and Jacob, a duo from London who came together last year to start making some new music. Their original sound is derived from their own musical styles in soul and jazz music. Combining the two techniques, the pair have created a magical new sound which is calming yet extremely powerful. Their music reflects their personalities; they were both so down to Earth and a real pleasure to interview!

After a fantastic performance, we sat down. Gina and Jacob seemed so laid-back and easy to talk to! I immediately felt at ease as soon as I met them. I asked how they found performing in Liverpool and they both said they absolutely loved it! We joked about how they realised they were pressured for time so gave it their all! Performing around the UK has allowed them to express themselves and develop as a group as they later divulged. Jacob said the tour is ‘a really cool experience’ and it was ‘amazing to be on tour’ as GeeJay is a relatively new group which only came together nine months ago! Coincidentally, they ‘met in a coffee shop and started GeeJay’ as Jacob revealed! The duo have been hugely successful in this short time however and have recently released their new EP, ‘Thru Channel’.

When asked how they would describe their music to someone who has never heard it before, Jacob replied, ‘it’s a fusion… the rhythm and bass are hip-hop derived and the melodies and the vocals are more like jazz’. Gina explained the song ‘Horizon’ is about the chaos of their hometown in London in contrast with their favourite escape, the seaside. She said ‘it’s generally a happy song, escaping the madness’.

I asked about future music and they revealed they’re working on a ‘happy song’, but are trying to think of a name for it at the moment! They both said this was their favourite song they’ve written so far. I’m excited to hear it when it comes out!

Both Gina and Jacob have similar musical backgrounds, with Jacob working on various artist projects before forming GeeJay while Gina came from a musical theatre direction and was more into poetry. Taking elements from both of their histories has allowed them to create such a different, authentic sound which works really well!

They would collaborate with Billie Holiday and Marvin Gaye if given the chance, yet surprisingly, these two aren’t their biggest inspirations in terms of music. They suggested they are an influence but are more inspired by classic jazz and hip-hop artists!

I asked what jobs they would be doing if they weren’t working on GeeJay and Jacob was quick to reveal he might have been a dog-walker as he does this part-time at the moment anyway! Gina, on the other hand, suggested she would stick to something theatrical as she finds it ‘exciting and really interesting’.

Neither of them had explored Liverpool at the time so I suggested some destinations, such as the infamous Cavern Club as they were eager to listen to some live music and the wonderful Docks!
I suggested we play ‘Game of Lasts,’ a question game that has gone viral online over the last couple of weeks. Their last meal on Earth would be ‘mash and peas’ for Gina and ‘pizza’ for Jacob which I thought sounded perfect! If this was their last day on Earth, their biggest achievement to date would be the Coffee House Tour they’re on right now! When asked if they’d have any regrets, Jacob said ‘I don’t have any regrets as we learn from our experiences’ which Gina wholeheartedly agreed with!

The first thing they’re going to do when they come back from their tour is ‘be sad’, ‘chill’ and ‘sleep’!

You can find their music on Spotify and iTunes now, and to listen to the interview in full click play below.

Ellie Beecham


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