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Marmozets – Knowing What You Know Now | Album review

Hailing from West Yorkshire, Marmozets instantly became one of the hottest new bands in rock upon the release of their fantastic debut LP ‘The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets’ back in 2014. The band’s mathcore riffs and frenetic punk energy, combined with frontwoman Becca Macintyre’s brilliantly unique vocals, quickly resonated with rock fans and set them firmly above many other rising stars. Now, after several years of touring, Marmozets have finally returned to record with their eagerly awaited sophomore album, Knowing What You Know Now.

If this new album’s title suggests a significant amount of change and growth within the band, then the 12 tracks contained within serve as a distinct confirmation of that idea. Marmozets have always been an ambitious band, but this album sees the Bingley quintet push their sound into new territories more confidently and successfully than ever before, creating an album of great scope which easily equals and at times surpasses its predecessor’s brilliance.

The overall album is certainly more accessible than ‘The Weird and Wonderful’ was, with ‘KWYKN’ placing greater emphasis on chorus hooks and generally being less chaotic than its predecessor. This fact may initially irk some long-term fans who are attached to the band’s earlier, heavier material, but those who are willing to embrace this change will find that Marmozets have not lost a single ounce of their energy or intensity in taking a new approach to song writing. Tracks like ‘Play’ and ‘Meant to Be’ are a touch more streamlined than some of the band’s older material, yet both are still hugely powerful, anthemic, and above all, downright fun. As ever, the guitar riffs provided by Sam Macintyre and Jack Bottomley are razor-sharp, being complemented brilliantly by the vocals of Becca Macintyre, a truly superb frontwoman who once again steals the album with her hugely impressive vocal range and delivery.

Marmozets are clearly not a band to rest on their laurels, instead choosing to repeatedly throw new ideas at the listener throughout the record. Whether it be the string section heard on ‘Insomnia’, the stabbing keyboard refrain of ‘Like a Battery’, guitarist Sam Macintyre’s backing vocals in ‘Suffocation’, or Becca’s heartfelt lyrics in the subdued yet dramatic ballad ‘Me & You’, every track has something unique to offer, displaying the band’s progress as songwriters as well as their fearlessness when it comes to trying new ideas. The result is an album which excels from beginning to end and sees a new version of Marmozets emerge; one who have successfully retained their unique identity and feral energy from previous releases whilst also forging ahead with fresh ideas and a renewed purpose.

Armed with lethal new material which will surely excel in live settings, Marmozets in 2018 are a band reborn, recharged, and redefined. Global domination surely awaits, and if you were not already paying attention, now is certainly the time to start.

Daniel Moore


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