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Whenyoung Interview – 27/09/18




Irish Indie three-piece Whenyoung are currently in the midst of their first headline tour. I caught up with the band before their gig at The Shipping Forecast in Liverpool. We talked about moving to London, partying with The Pogues and when their debut album will be released.

Q: You guys have taken a very logical step by moving to London, have you found it hard since leaving Ireland or do the opportunities in London outweigh being so far from home?

Whenyoung: We actually formed the band in London, we get homesick but in not knowing anyone that pushed us harder. In some ways it made it really hard getting to know people and we’ve played lots of empty shows for a long time trying to get to know people and promoters but looking back we wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Q: You’re getting a fair bit of radio play, Jack Saunders made ‘Given Up’ his track of the week on his Radio 1 show, it must be nice to get that recognition.

Whenyoung: It’s so nice- it’s great! Obviously, Radio 1 is really important, so we were delighted, and Jack Saunders has a new show so it’s great he’s promoting our stuff in the first few weeks he’s been really supportive, it just gives you that bit of extra confidence.

Q: Leading on from that, we’ve had a few singles is there an album in the pipeline?

Whenyoung: We’re recording at the moment, it’ll be out next spring!

Q: Aoife your stage presence has been compared to Suzi Quatro in her hay day- is she an influence or a sheer coincidence?

Whenyoung: Not really, I don’t really listen to her- what I’ve heard is good, but it isn’t a conscious thing!

Q: Who does influence the band then?

Whenyoung: Blondie, The Clash, The Ramones. We love the rock and roll grittiness and we love pop songs and they’re all bands who blend that, everything at the moment seems a bit clean so we like a bit of grit.

Q: I saw an article that you played Shane McGowan of the Pogues 60ththat must have been a crazy experience?

Whenyoung: It was really fun, pretty ridiculous- so many amazing musicians to talk too we couldn’t believe it!

Q: Do you know him personally?

Whenyoung: No, I know his manager after we did a cover of ‘Fairytale of New York’ and played him the track, he put it on The Pogues website then asked us to perform! He was lovely though- now we’re best friends!

Q: Have you guys got any pre-gig rituals? I’ve heard you enjoy a Guinness on stage.

Whenyoung: When you can get it! Usually a big group hug and vocal warm ups- lunges, wait no lunges! We just relax really before we play I try not to speak to anyone but these guys- just focus on the gig!

Q: Tell us about the support band tonight and why you chose them.

A: We have Rascaltion- they sound really good and are Celts! It’s our first headline tour so we listened to lots of bands and kinda thought god who do we pick? But we came across these guys and really liked their music, they’re from Glasgow- must be the Celtic heritage!

Finally, what does the end of 2018 have for you guys is it about the live shows?

Whenyoung: Obviously we’re on this tour, then we go on tour in Europe with the Vaccines then coming back and playing in Ireland before going on tour with Blossoms. Between all that we’re recording our album and enjoying Christmas!

Image courtesy of Wild Promotions UK

Alex Macey


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