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Husky Loops @ EBGBs 24/10/18

Lights, projector, loop. The three ingredients that came together to focus the audience on the up-and-coming three piece, who took to the stage in EBGB’s on Wednesday. The dystopian visuals playing behind the band accented the songs’ lyrics and atmosphere. The band used psychedelic samples in their songs which brilliantly contrasted the raw sound of the instruments. The trio seemed to have no problem interweaving influences from drum and bass beats to alternative rock bass licks and grunge, or occasionally jazz-style, guitar lines to create a genuinely unique sound.  

The raw nature of the live drums and fuzzy bass guitar sounded blur-esque, with their indie-rock vocals adding to their individual style. The band lives up to their name with consistent use of loops and samples that lay down a Gorillaz-type groove. I was impressed at their live recreation of songs that rely so heavily on different effects and samples in their recordings. I’ve seen many bands try to use sample pads and copious amounts of effects in their sets, but more often than not they experience technical difficulties, or it just simply doesn’t sound good. Husky Loops, however, managed to pull off their hybrid sound with no issues.

The gig felt like a well put together show, with different soundscapes often filling the gaps between songs or playing as introductions to the next tune. This and their often-interesting song structures is reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s type of experimentation. Because of this, people are able immerse themselves in the music, while musicians and producers are left trying to figure out what and how the three guys on stage are doing.

A stand-out moment of the set was when they played one of their latest singles Everytime I Run, which seemed to get everyone in the crowd singing along to – perhaps partly due the fact that the tune features on the FIFA 19 soundtrack. With catchy vocals and hip-hop production, the band makes sure the audience would be singing “every time I run, I get stuck in the sun” for days after.

The band members performed in a psychedelic and energetic fashion which mirrored their music. At one point the frontman leaned his head against the wall and seemed to get lost in their own music. Getting lost in the music and the vibe of Husky Loops go hand in hand and leave you wanting to go back to their world for more. Both their music and stage-show are exciting and innovative, and one to check out before they inevitably explode onto even bigger things.


Husky Loops’ new EP “Spool” was released on the 26th of October. Listen to it here.

Ben Steer


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