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Erasmus grants delayed again

Liverpool students have been hit by delays in the awarding of Erasmus study abroad grants.

The University of Liverpool’s Deputy Study Abroad manager, Rich Dunning released in an email, “it has come to our attention that the formula used to calculate Erasmus Grants in 2013/14 had an error in the rounding, which caused some students’ 2nd allocations to be out by a quarter month”.

The Erasmus grant is money from the European Commission awarded to students for studying, working or teaching in another EU/EEA/EFTA country as part of a recognised degree programme.

Unfortunately, many students abroad who were relying heavily on the Erasmus grant this year didn’t receive anything for months, and now it appears they are still waiting on the full amount.

Student Emma Rosa Robb was hugely affected by the lateness of the funding. “I was living off rice and spaghetti with pesto, not going out, and for the trips that were open to us (Ibiza) I had to borrow some money off a friend and gamble that the grant and loan would come within a week!”.

Danielle Thomas was also left distressed by the extreme delay of the grant. “I didn’t actually get my first instalment until November,” she said.

“I wanted to use the money from the second instalment to explore more of Spain, but I just didn’t have the money to do it.

“Turns out they even underpaid me when I finally got it so I’m still in fact waiting for £80 right now! Very disappointing.”

Cydney Yeates

Cydney Yeates

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