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Liverpool student drink-drives on Christmas Day to get money for taxi

After admitting driving whilst over the limit, Jessica Threadgold, from Flintshire was banned from driving for 16 months and fined £220 with £107 costs.

The nineteen year-old University of Liverpool student was caught drink driving to a cash point from a pub to get her taxi fare in the early hours on Christmas Day.

A court heard that Threadgold admitted: “I am not well enough to drive. I’ve been drinking.” The police officer discovered that she was double the drink-driving limit. Afterwards, on her way to the police station, she said to the arresting officer: “For what it is worth I am sorry.”

The student intended to get a taxi back with a friend and a sibling. However, after realising she did not have enough money for a cab, she chose to drive in order to find a cash point. Phillip Lloyd Jones, defending Jessica in court, described her decision to drive to The Spar at a garage very close to the pub as “beyond her comprehension.”

Jones described Jessica as a young woman of good character who had never been in such a position before. He also added: “I don’t think you will see this young lady in court ever again.”

Ciaran Fitz

Ciaran Fitz

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