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Benedict Cumberbunny…hop this way

You can now eat Benedict Cumberbatch in chocolate bunny form.

A chocolatier has created a chocolate rabbit that resembles actor Benedict Cumberbatch just in time for Easter.

The 400g creations are being sold for from £50 and advertised as:

“A delicious Belgian chocolate rabbit with a handsome face and a tasty bottom.”

The current available options of the Cumberbunny are Milk Chocolate and Gold, Dark Chocolate and Bronze, and White Chocolate with a 22 carat bow tie (?!)

It looks as if customers will have to be quick though; these bunnies seem to be hopping off the shelves pretty rapidly!

Jen Lindsey-Clark and her team at  Chocolatician came up with the eggstravagant idea, but it’s not the first time the Chocolatician folks have made Mr Cumberbatch out of chocolate – Chocobatch was created last year.

SONY DSC Image from chocolatician.com

SONY DSC Image from chocolatician.com

Remember though: Don’t keep your new friend in the fridge, ‘He’s a sensitive little bunny’

Images from chocolatician.com

Cecily Sheppard

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