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IN PICTURES: SO Candidate Meet & Greet

Wednesday afternoon signalled a step up for the Guild’s nineteen potential student officers.  

The meet and greet offered a chance to receive campaign packs, greet their public and in some cases, stage their stunts.


President Obama watched cheerfully over the entire event.  Naturally, his presence inspired candidates, campaign teams and voters.


Everyone knows that any type of political campaign is boosted by a novelty onesie. Thankfully, candidate Mike Wroblewski was here to prove this, dressed as his biggest inspiration- the similarly named Monsters Inc. character Mike Wazowski. As his manifesto states, “he taught me that life without friendship is no life at all”.



Current Deputy and Vice Presidents- Alex Ferguson and Rosie O’Donnell- made an appearance, welcoming in a new generation of student officers and offering advice to candidates.


Candidates Hannah Gale, Siobhan Griffiths and Léa Ben Saïd seemed to be friendly rivals, happily posing together. With their diverse but complimentary goals- including library improvements (Léa), improved student support (Hannah) and better campus wide events (Siobhan), perhaps they might make potential colleagues.


Making the most of his time there, Jerome Daniels and team built an impressive house in the Gilmour Room. Literally making use of his campaign slogan, which promises to “make the Guild home”.




Yasmin Gasimova, Harry Moore and Michael Sonne all did their rounds, each communicating their own unique campaign perspectives.


As with any good meet and greet, the buffet table was massively popular. Politics makes the world go round, but food helps.

Ally Dinning
Head of Online News

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