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Petition against the resale of concert tickets at inflated prices

If you’ve ever tried to get tickets for a big concert, festival or event you will know how frustrating it is to be waiting in an online queue for hours, be unsuccessful because they ‘sell out’, and then a few hours later see them being sold for extortionate prices on secondary resale websites.

‘Which?’ looked into the issue and found that tickets have often been unlawfully listed on resale websites by failing to show face value information, seat number or restricting the numbers of tickets listed. After monitoring four of the largest secondary ticketing sites, Which? found that within two days of the presale for a Rod Stewart tour, over 2000 tickets were available on secondary ticket sites. Similarly, tickets for the production of Hamlet at the Barbican, the original ticket value of which was tickets was just over £60, were listed for up to £1,500 on secondary ticketing sites.

A few festivals and events have put their own measures in place to prevent expensive resales, such as asking for photo ID to match the ticket purchase. However, a number of people have voiced that the government should be making an effort to regulate make the resale of music tickets.

Secondary resale sites have their uses; if you’ve bought tickets for a concert and then for some reason can’t go, the sites can be a blessing. However, genuine fans (or strapped for cash students) can’t compete for tickets against specialised software which enables the purchasing of tickets in bulk with the aim of selling them at a significantly hiked price. Similarly, the sites can be a total rip off if you’re an ordinary punter selling a couple of tickets; the website can charge you up 18% for reselling a ticket. If you want to avoid this nightmare then you can join mailing lists for certain venues or artists in order to ensure you get access to presale tickets, or if you’re annoyed by it as much as me, make sure you sign the petition here!

Cover image: petition.parliament.co.uk 

Grace Farnham

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