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Wellbeing Week (8th -12th May) : What’s On

In a bid to help students improve their mental wellbeing, the University of Liverpool is holding their annual Wellbeing Week, starting tomorrow on 8th May. This year’s week features activities intended to boost wellbeing surrounding the themes outlined in the NHS list of 5 Ways to Wellbeing. 

Here is the list of tips that the NHS has compiled based on research into mental health:

  • Connect – One way to improve your mental wellbeing is to spend time connecting with the people around you, from your family, to your friends, to colleagues and neighbours.
  • Be active – This doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym! A gentle walk or a kick about are just as handy.
  • Keep learning – According to the NHS, learning new skills can improve mental wellbeing as it ‘can give you a sense of achievement and a new confidence.’
  • Give to others – from smiling at a stranger, to taking up volunteering opportunities, giving to others is beneficial to you as well as them!
  • Be mindful – improve your positivity by practicing mindfulness, making yourself more aware of the here and now.

Following these themes, the University and various societies are putting on lots of events to help get your head out of deadlines and into a healthier state.

We’re particularly excited for the Puppy Room (now Sold Out 🙁 ), the Campus Walk and Run, and Tuesday’s Falconry Display in Abercromby Square. Please be aware that for some of these activities you need to book in advance (see link at the end of this article!)

In addition to the varying activities, Activity Space 3 has been reserved every day from 9.30-5 as a ‘Chill Out Zone’ and there’s free access to the Sports & Fitness Centre all week.

Here is the full timetable for Wellbeing Week 2017 (from the UoL website) :

For more information and to book yourself onto the events, click HERE.

Cecily Sheppard

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