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Lab Report: Puppies in the Guild

In the height of exams and coursework deadlines there is arguably only one thing that can relieve the overwhelming stress – puppies.

Today the Guild let three of man’s best friends into the Mountford Hall and, naturally, we felt it our duty as Station Managers to take one for the team and go and say hi to some very cute pups!

Once we’d checked ourselves in with our illusive tickets (and several peeps from the Guild had sung happy birthday to a slightly embarrassed Cecily) it was time to meet the puppies. There were three pups chilling in Mountford Hall, brought into the Guild by Guide Dogs UK to reduce student stress and raise awareness of the work the charity does.

We settled down next to Yolo – a lovely Golden Retriever/Labrador cross guide dog in training. After a quick move around the group, accepting a rub on the head from everyone, she settled herself down next to her owner/mum and, there and then, flopped on the floor in a big, fluffy heap.

Getting to know Yolo a bit more, we learnt that she was still near the beginning of her training, having mastered basic commands such as sit, wait, and eat on command. Her next step was ‘big school’ where she would have to learn all the more challenging skills it takes to be a top notch guide dog. Yolo’s mum said these big school skills would include finding an empty chair (which is tricky in the SJ at the best of times, so Yolo, we salute you!)

While Yolo rolled around our feet, scattering as much hair around as she possibly could, Yolo’s mum told us about the rigorous selection process the guide-pups-to-be go through. Pups who don’t like having their ears touched don’t make the cut, and one puppy, who got a bit overexcited at the prospect of the whirring sound of burger vans, had to leave guide dog training and joined the police instead. However we don’t think Yolo will have any trouble as she’s the most chilled dog we’ve ever had the fortune to meet!

It has to be said our ten minutes went by far too quickly, but we definitely felt more relaxed thanks to Yolo and her mum. Puppies 1 – 0 Deadlines.

Make sure you check out the Guide Dogs UK website for all things on four paws!

UPDATE: Today’s Puppy Room raised a total of £486.34 for Guide Dogs UK <3

Cecily Sheppard and Laura Copestake
Laura Copestake is a student at the University of Liverpool.

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